Our philosophy:
Our goal is to offer the fullest possible range of financial services and that with a high degree of personal involvement.

What we offer:
Centre for Administrative and Financial Services is: All financial and administrative matters under one roof!
For Limited Companies, partnership companies and Sole traders in the middle sized Companies range, we offer a complete, fully thought out and accurate package.
For individuals we take care of personal tax and inheritance tax return.

Quality besides efficiency and a personal approach are high on our banner.
As you can see we offer a complete package of services. For further information - focused on your personal situation - please Contact us.


Some of our services

Tax matters

Domestic sales tax returns,
VAT returns in cross-border activities,
Income tax return for the company directors, general partnerships, sole proprietorships.


All inclusive salary support: For all different professions and collective agreements, Monthly payroll taxes, Monthly pay slips by E-mail Once a year the annual statements also by e-mail We can provide you with taking care off all your tax obligations.


Complete care of your bookkeeping by us, you can submit electronically, so the originals will remain with you.
Online Self-enter your financial data into our accounting package designed for you.
You can choose desired portions (eg. only your cash) or even your entire accounting data. This choice is yours.

Who we are

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